The Firm

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Our Beginning

Founded in 1978 by George Vranesh and Jerry Raisch, Vranesh and Raisch is one of the leading law firms in Colorado with a practice emphasis in water rights, water quality, and environmental fields of law. The firm provides legal services for governmental entities, businesses, ditch companies, and individuals, and also assists other attorneys with needs in these specialties. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of these substantive areas, including transactions, negotiations, permitting and regulatory compliance, and litigation. Additionally, firm attorneys work on legislative and public policy issues related to the fields of law in which we practice.

Our Mission

The Firm’s mission is to provide outstanding legal services to our clients, while maintaining a healthy, robust, and dynamic practice in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere. We combine experience and expertise with flexibility and technology to provide legal services of the highest caliber in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our focus is thorough analysis, effective communication, and bottom line results that meet the needs of our clients.

Vranesh and Raisch Clients

The Firm’s established clients are quite varied. They range from individuals needing water for various residential and business purposes to cities and Fortune 100 companies needing advice for the development and operation of large projects. Vranesh and Raisch has long-standing and ongoing relationships with many of its clients that extend over many years. This experience has allowed us to become familiar with the technical specialties that are an integral part of the legal issues we handle. Firm attorneys work on a regular basis with engineers, hydrologists, geologists, water quality experts, legislative lobbyists, and other professionals, and also work with business and policy managers to integrate the Firm’s work with all dimensions of the legal and technical challenges facing our clients.

Our Team

Aaron Ladd | Andrea A. Kehrl | Stuart B. Corbridge | Pete Johnson | Gabe Racz | Justine C. Beckstrom

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